Google Apps email sending limits

If you exceed the Google Apps email sending limits, you may see an error message such as:

  • You have reached a limit for sending email
  • You reached a Gmail sending limit
  • You exceeded the maximum recipients

To keep our systems healthy and your accounts safe, Google Apps limits the amount of mail one user can send. Limits restrict the number of messages sent per day and the number of recipients per message. After reaching one of these limits, a user can't send new messages for up to 24 hours, but they can still access their account and receive incoming email.

These limits may change without notice to protect Google's infrastructure. Limits per day are applied over a rolling 24-hour period rather than a set time of day.

User locked out of their account? Google Apps administrators can check the Users section of your Google Apps Admin console to find details on which limits were reached and when access will be restored. In some cases, an administrator can reset the Gmail suspension.

The following sending limits apply:

Limit type Description Limit
Messages per day Daily sending limit* 2,000 (500 for trial accounts)
Messages auto-forwarded Messages automatically forwarded from another account; not included in the daily sending limit 10,000
Auto-forward mail filters Account filters that automatically forward mail 20
Recipients per message Addresses in the To, Cc, and Bcc fields of a single email* 2,000 (500 external)
Recipients per message (sent via SMTP by POP or IMAPusers) Addresses in the To, Cc, and Bcc fields of a single email* 99
Total recipients per day Individual addresses count in every mail sent; 5 emails sent to 10 addresses count as 50 recipients* 10,000
External recipients per day Email addresses outside your primary domain, including domain aliases and alternate domains 3,000
Unique recipients per day Individual addresses count once a day; 5 emails sent to 10 addresses count as 10 unique recipients* 3,000 (2,000 external, 500 external for trial accounts)

*Applies to both internal and external recipients

Using the SMTP relay service? If your organization uses the SMTP relay service to route outgoing mail through Google, sending limits are different. Learn more about the sending limits for the SMTP relay service.