At SCOHS we are committed to providing our students with a high quality education; evaluation of teaching effectiveness is a critical part of that commitment. Each semester, you will be invited to complete a short 10-minute teaching effectiveness survey for each course in which you are registered. Success of the teaching evaluation process depends on your participation and on the quality of the answers that you provide. We encourage you to take the time to provide your faculty with thoughtful feedback.

Course Evaluation Schedule Course evaluation are open to all enrolled student two weeks (for 16 weeks classes) and one week (for 8 weeks classes) prior to the last class meeting during the fall and spring semester. Course evaluations results are available to instructors after final grades are posted on Student Information System.

How do I complete my course evaluations? Log-in to Blackboard and in the “course content” area open course evaluation folder and follow the instruction.

Will I be reminded to complete my course evaluations? Yes, multiple times. An e-mail will be sent to all students announcing the start of the evaluation period. The e-mail will include instructions for completing the evaluations, along with a link. E-mail reminders will be sent periodically during the evaluation period to students who have not yet completed their evaluations.

Are evaluations confidential and anonymous? Yes, evaluations are confidential and anonymous. We recognize that this is a primary concern when completing course evaluations online. Please be assured that the online evaluation system keeps a record of who has submitted an evaluation in order to ensure that no student can submit more than one evaluation in any course; but it disassociates the student’s name from the evaluation that he or she submitted. Thus, we know whether or not you have submitted an evaluation, but have no record attaching your identity to any one evaluation. Because evaluations are completed online, there’s no need to worry about a professor recognizing your handwriting.

What if I make a mistake? Can I change my evaluation once I have submitted it? Yes, you can re-take any open course evaluations.

What if I need assistance? For additional assistance, please e-mail: or call Technical Support 757-264-9445

How long will each course survey take to complete? 

There should be no more than 10 minutes to complete each course evaluation.

Is SCOHS sharing my password with SmartEvals? Students will log-in to Learning Management System to access SmartEval. There will be no username or password that will be needed to log-in to SmartEval.


When exactly will my instructors be able to see the results of each survey? Typically, faculty will be able to see the results of their SmartEvals for each term two days after final grades are posted.


What exactly will my instructors be able to see when they review their teaching effectiveness survey results? Instructors will be able to see summative information about each of their courses in a form that will allow them to understand how effective their teaching was in each of their courses. SmartEvals does not provide instructors with an option to identify individual responders.

However, course surveys are likely to include free-text, open-ended questions whose responses instructors will be able to see in their entirety. Therefore, students are advised not to enter information that could be used to identify them.