The College of Health Sciences uses ProctorFree to ensure academic integrity for online tests and exams. Our goal is to ensure that you will be able to complete you online test with the minimum amount of difficulty.  However, since no product is perfect in all scenarios, we would like to offer the following recommendations that will provide a better experience with the product:

  1. All courses have been provided with a practice quiz that will be open for the entire run before a graded assessment will be done in your course. This practice quiz will provide you the opportunity to test your computer for compatibility with Proctorfree. It will also give you the opportunity to establish your profile in the system which will save time when you are due to begin a graded assignment.
  2. Complete the practice quiz as soon as possible and as far ahead of your actual graded assessment as is possible. This will allow you the maximum amount of time to resolve and difficulties encountered.
  3. Since Proctorfree can require a considerable portion of your computers processing power and memory, it is recommended that students completely close all non-critical programs running prior to using ProctorFree. Current technical requirements are located here.
  4. If your system fails to pass the system compatibility check, immediately contact IT Support at 757-264-9445. You may also contact us via chat using the BlackbeltHelp mobile app or via the Get Help! Tab in Blackboard.
  5. If you encounter difficulties, please refer to the attached ProctorFree Troublshooting Guide 

Above all, please be sure to reach out for support if you are having difficulties. 

Best Regards, 

 Office of Information Technology